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Monday, December 17, 2018



You can download many books here by clicking the title:

    1. 10,000 Questions and Answer
    2. 500 Years of New Words
    3. 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions
    4. 501 Vocabulary Questions
    5. 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam
    6. 101 Grammar
    7. 50 Mixed-Ability Grammar Lessons
    8. A Communicative Grammar of English , Third Edition
    9. A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
    10. A_Concise_Grammar_for_English_Language_Teachers
    11. A Fast Track Grammar Review
    12. A Grammar Development Course
    13. A Practical English Grammar – Thomson & Martinet
    14. A University Course in English Grammar
    15. ABC of Common Gr-l Errors
    16. 20 Free Topics for Conversation
    17. A Conversation Book 2 English in Everyday Life
    18. An Introduction to English Grammar
    19. An introduction to second language acquisition research
    20. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis
    21. The handbook of English for specific purposes
    22. Essential_Grammar_in_Use_A_Self
    23. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
    24. English_Grammar_in_Use
    25. An introduction to sociolinguistics
    26. A Critical Introduction to Syntax-Bloomsbury Academic
    27. English Phonology
    28. Action Research for Educational Change
    29. Modern English Practice
    30. Fundamental of English Grammar
    31. English Historical Syntax and Morphology
    32. An Introduction to English Phonology
    33. An Introduction to English Language Teaching
    34. Basics Simple Speaking Activities
    35. Basics Simple Writing Activities
    36. Simple Reading Activities
    37. Origin of Language
    38. Handbook of Translation Studies
    39. The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies
    40. The Routledge international companion to multicultural education
    41. Handbook of Parallel Computing and Statistics
    42. The Origins of Meaning (Studies in the Evolution of Language)
    43. A Hermeneutics of Cross-cultural Understanding
    44. English for Writing Research Papers
    45. Chase, Chance, and Creativity
    46. Childhood and Nature
    47. Action Research for Educators
    48. Research-Based Strategies
    49. Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning Volume 2
    50. Teaching and Researching Writing 2nd Edition Applied Linguistics in Action
    51. Guide to Writing Great Research Papers
    52. Politics, Policy, and Organizations
    53. Qualitative_Research_in_Applied_Linguistics__A_Practical_Introduction
    54. Qualitative research
    55. Action Research for Teacher Candidates Using Classroom Data to Enhance Instruction
    56. Handbook of Critical Education
    58. Action Research Methodology for change the development
    59. Action Research for educators
    60. Action_Research_Principles_and_Practice
    61. An introduction to second language acquisition research
    62. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis
    63. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
    64. The Origins of Meaning (Studies in the Evolution of Language)
    65. International companion to multicultural education
    66. Purpose Clauses_ Syntax, Thematics, and Semantics of English Purpose
    67. Handbook of Translation Studies
    68. Introducing English Semantics
    69. Cambridge English Grammar A Modern Course In English Syntax
    70. Assessing Language through Computer Technology 
    71. An Introduction to Multicultural Education
    72. All the Light We Cannot See
    73. Frantz Fanon-Black Skin, White Masks
    74. Language Testing and Assessment
    75. Assessing Listening
    76. Handbook of English phonology
    77. An Introduction to Language and Linguistics
    78. Critical Discourse Analysis
    79. Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology
    80. Language Assessment
    81. Teaching by Principles
    82. Techniques in Testing
    83. Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes
    84. A Modern Course in English Syntax
    85. Multicultural Education
    86. Testing in Language Program
    87. Assessing Grammar
    88. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis_ Theory and Method
    89. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis
    90. How to do Discourse Analysis
    91. Reading Games
    92. Beginners' communication games
    93. Elementary Communication Games
    94. Elementary Grammar Games
    95. Elementary Vocabulary Games
    96. An introduction to English syntax
    97. Read-Assessing Vocabulary
    98. International English Language Testing System
    99. Applied English Phonology
    100. Basic English Grammar Exercise
    101. Method of Critical Discourse analysis
    102. Improving Testing For English Language Learners
    104. English Phonetics and Phonology
    105. Handbook of Psycholinguistics
    106. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
    107. Official Guide to the TOEFL
    108. TOEFL Longman
    109. Teofl Secret
    110. TOEFL Test Prep Planner
    111. Teaching & Researching Writing


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